Mockingbird – In Progress

Barbara "Bobbi" Morse, Mockingbird, Marvel

I’m currently working on Mockingbird from the Marvel Universe. Its going fairly well. I have never made a bodysuit before, but since I hade some dark Navy Blue 4-way spandex on hand I figured I’d give it a go. And I have lost count on how many times I have adjusted the fit on this thing. But it starting to come together rather nicely.

Kwik Sew Bodysuit K3052

I purchased a bodysuit pattern online as a download (I only did this since it’s out of print). I then had to tape all the pieces together (not so much fun at all).

I sewed everything together using an overcast stich meant for stretchy fabrics on my regular sewing machine (cause I just don’t have a surger). When I was happy with the fit I had my husband draw out the white parts for me, while I was wearing it. I then cut on the lines he drew and used it as a pattern for the white spandex.

And that’s the point at where I’m at with this project at the moment.

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