Going back to square one

I realized today that I haven’t worked on my Japanese grammar for several months. I have done a few exercises here and there. And I use it occasionally with friends.

Last week I decided to start again, from scratch. I reset my Kanji deck on Anki (a free flash card web/software/app, I am using Nihongoshark’s Kanji deck), And I started reviewing all the vocabulary for the first half of Genki I on Memrise, and I also added a course called JLPT N5 Vocabulary & Kanji. I have been able to at least review everything every day. It doesn’t take very long, and if I have some extra time that day I’ve been learning 20 new Kanjis and between 15-20 new words per day.

I have been tracking my progress with an app called Raise the bar, I really like the visual of how far I have gotten with the flashcards.


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