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Since I am studying by myself I don’t really need a study guide. But I am now halfway through my textbook Genki I An Integrated Course In Elementary Japanese, and I figured that now would be a good time to go back and review what I have learned so far.

I discovered that the first two chapters I can remember with no problem (maybe except for some of the numbers). But then I have started to forget some of the grammar. So I sat down and started to put together a study guide. Just as I would do if I was studying for a test.

I did look online, trying to find a test based on the Genki book. But I couldn’t really find anything good. Maybe I’ll have to make one myself. But it’s not quite the same if you’ve made it yourself. Oh well, we’ll see what I decide to do.



2 thoughts on “Study Guide

  1. Hi, I’m trying to study Japanese since summer and it is a bit difficult to continue alone, so in order to motivate myself recently I added a random person from memrise (you) and that’s how I came across this blog. I wanted to ask your opinion, I don’t have an environment where I can use Japanese, so after some time I’m forgetting the grammar, so I just decided to learn as much vocabulary as I can without paying attention to grammar, at least for now, what do you think, can I learn Japanese that way?


    • There are some who learn Japanese this way (like, I just started following his free “How to learn Japanese in one year” course).

      I can’t use Japanese much either, and I have also started to forget a lot of the grammar. So just like you, I am going through the kanjis and the vocabulary, so when I start with the grammar again, I have some more words I can use to make practice sentences with. I also hope that it’ll be easier to follow along in the textbook.

      HelloTalk (app) or iTalki (website) are good if you want a native to chat with you. It has helped me a lot.


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